Broom 25g


Broom herb is used in purification and protection Spells and is also hung in the home to keep evil out. An infusion of Broom sprinkled in the home, exorcises poltergeists. 
Carry broom with you in sachets to increase psychic powers. 
It is also a good herb to use in wind magic, either to raise winds or calm them. To raise the winds, throw into the air whilst invoking the Air spirits or to calm winds, burn the herb and bury the ashes. Burn Butchers Broom Root while divining by tarot, runes, pendulum, or any other form of divination to stay focused and help access your psychic powers. Throw Butcher's Broom Root into the air to help raise the winds or burn it and scatter its ashes to help calm the wind. 

Correspondences are Masculine, Mars, Air and Chakra third eye