This hexagon box has black dragons rearing up and guarding each corner, with a Gothic arch between them. Atop the box, a purple rose lies flat, jealously guarded by a black dragon, its wings raised in a threat display as it snarls upwards at an interloper. Cast in the finest resin and carefully hand-painted, this surprisingly spacious box is the perfect gift for any lover of Gothic beauty and of awesome dragons.

Keep yuor tools of prophecy safe in syle with this draconic tarot box. Curled up on an obsidian colour altar, this young black dragon sleeps contentedly, chin resting comfortably on his tail. Below, the rectangular altar is carved with praying skeletons in long, flowing robe. Tendril of ivy creep up from the ground, slowly absorbing the altar back into the forest. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, why not pair this box up with one of our dragon tarot/oracle decks.


A white wolf's head stared directly at you, soft yellow eyes portraying a soul untouched by civilisation. Behind this majestic beast, there sits an elaborate Celtic pattern, etched with burnt red autumn leaves. Winter will soon be upon us .... moving down the sides of the box you can see autumn leaves decorating the sides. Cat in the finest resin, this is the perfect action to any wolf lovers items. 

Malpuss, the union of good and evil features on the lid of this trinket box, staring up at you adoringly. As you look into the black eyes you recognise the darkness within. The trinket box is decorated in ornate silver detailing and cast In the finest resin before being painstakingly hand painted. This box is perfect for any lover of gothic or the occult. 

Keep your most treasured belongings safe by the power of the Tree of Life. This circulat box features an image of the celtic Tree of Life. The lower part of the box is divided into three sections. Each row features knot patterns of different styles and sizes. The lid's main focus is on the portrait of the bronze tree, which sits above a green background surrounded by thin celtic motifs. The outer edge features networks of small knots which are seperated by small raised red circles. Cast in high quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this box would be at home in any pagan household.