Cinnamon sticks [3 inch] 25g


Cinnamon has a wide range of magical uses. Cinnamon can be used to consecrate your spaces or magical tools. Burn cinnamon to stimulate your spiritual powers and increase your psychic ability and awareness. Cinnamon can be used to protect your home from negative energies. Use sticks of cinnamon to make a bouquet for protection and hang above your front door to protect the home and those in it. Add cinnamon chips, powder, oil or sticks to your spell bottles, jar, and bags for your intention or to amplify the effects of the spell. Cinnamon is a known strengthener of any magical intention.

You can also burn cinnamon sticks inside your home as a smudge stick. Cinnamon gives the whole house a delicious smell of baked goods.

To speeds up spells, add cinnamon to your spells to help them manifest faster

Correspondences include Masculine, Fire, Sun, Mars, Aries and Root, Solar and  Sacral Chakra.