Sage 25g


It was used in the Middle Ages to treat fevers, liver disease and epilepsy. In England, the tea drunk as a healthful tonic. It was also believed to strengthen the memory. An old English custom state that eating Sage every day in May will grant immortality. It was also said that a woman who ate sage cooked in wine would never be able to conceive and its fresh leaves were said to cure warts.
Usually used in a smudge stick, but can also be burnt on charcoal discs, it has long been used for cleansing. Sage also can bring prosperity, and many add to an abundance bag. Placed on your altar it can bring clarity of mind and can also be used as an offering to the crone Goddess, this herb is associated with wisdom and experience. Should you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship, sage is ideal to rid any unhealthy desires or negative attention. Sage has been burnt at funerals and memorial ceremonies as Sage facilitates healthy grief and bonding with the spirits of those who passed on. To make a wish, write your wish on a sage leaf and sleep with it under your pillow for three days and then bury it. If you feel drained emotionally surround the base of a blue candle with sage and burn to heal emotions. Correspondences, Masculine, Air and Earth, Jupiter and Moon, Gemini. Third, crown and sacral chakra