Shamanic Awakening by Sandra Corcoran

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My Journey From Darkness to Daylight

Sandra Corcoran

How do you find renewal after loss, especially the loss of a child? How do you find purpose and courage when loss is your constant teacher?

After weeks of profound grief following the loss of her young daughter, Sandra Corcoran found herself inexplicably at a life-changing workshop on indigenous teachings and energy healing. With the first glimpse of the light that called her to the workshop, Corcoran found herself beginning a 30-year metaphysical journey within, initially to heal her grief but eventually leading her from the darkness into the light of her own soul's evolution.

Working with Native elders and indigenous wisdom keepers throughout North, Central and South America, Corcoran opened her heart to the immensity of the living energies of the cosmos and discovered her shamanistic gifts as an intuitive counsellor, dreamtime decoder and facilitator for others' self-healing. As she learned to discern these living energies and work with them, she also discovered the middle path between the soul's dark and luminous energies, striking the balance that allows us to fulfil our destiny.
Sharing the core teachings of her many indigenous and esoteric mentors, including lessons in synchronicity, metaphysics, the extraordinary power of the heart, multidimensional realms and energy healing, Corcoran leads readers on an adventure across continents through birth, death, ceremony and ritual to renewal and the frontiers of expanded consciousness. She shows that no matter how far outside of the familiar we are led, we are guided back to ourselves and offered another opportunity to embrace our world and, ultimately, find our place in it.

· offers a lens into a wide variety of wisdomkeeping traditions and alternative healing paradigms throughout the americas and Europe
· shows how the mystical path enables us to find renewal in times of profound loss
· details the author's awakening to the energies of the cosmos, which can guide us toward our destiny, balanced between our soul's dark and light energies