Secret Medicines from your Garden by Ellen Evert Hopman


Plants for Healing, Spirituality, & Magic

Ellen Evert Hopman

Weaving together ancient wisdom, mystical folklore and modern plant research, master herbalist, Ellen Evert Hopman, explores the many uses of flowers, trees, common weeds and ornamental plants for food, medicine, spiritual growth and magical rituals. She reveals the herbal lore surrounding each plant, drawing on traditional knowledge and remedies from around the world, including Native American, Celtic and Egyptian traditions. She includes recipes throughout so you can make medicines from wild and domesticated plants easily found in gardens, forests, meadows and hedgerows and she discusses what to plant to ensure you have leaves, berries and flowers all year.

The author reveals how to quickly intuit an unknown plant's properties using the signatures of plants - universal indications and contraindications based on the form, colour and location of a plant. She includes an in-depth section on honey and Bee Medicine, allowing you to appreciate the labours of these plant-dependent insects. Exploring the magical role of herbs in ancient ritual, Hopman provides recipes for Egyptian temple incense and their sacred medicine known as 'Kyphi' or 'Kaphet,' used to purify the body, banish insomnia and promote vivid dreaming. She explores shamanic Plant Spirit and Animal Spirit Medicine as well as herbal astrology. She, also, explains the 'triangle' formula-making system of her herbal mentor, William LeSassier, to help you develop custom herbal remedies tailored to a person's unique strengths and weaknesses. Showing how to easily incorporate wild plants into your life to receive their healing benefits throughout the seasons, Hopman reveals the power of the bounty that Mother Nature has provided right at our doorstep.

· Draws on traditional knowledge and remedies from around the world, including Native American, Celtic and Egyptian traditions
· Provides simple recipes to safely make herbal remedies from local plants and honey for first aid, immune support and treatment of common ailments
· Reveals the 'triangle' formula-making system of William LeSassier
· Explains how to work with plant spirits, herbal astrology and Animal Spirit Medicine