Bumble Bee Jasper Point


This is a beautiful Bumble Bee Jasper point, measuring approximately 9cm in height aand 2,5cm in diameter [base]

This is a genuine, natural, free-standing Bumble Bee Jasper point. These crystal towers are said to be great for energising you and making you feel positive. When you're feeling low or stressed this crystal can promote happiness and joy. Stimulating the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Bumblebee jasper raises our self-esteem and enhances creativity.

While safe enough to display, this mineral should ideally not be handled too often; it should not be kept within reach of pets or children. Testing has shown bumblebee jasper is high in sulphur and arsenic. Minerals with toxic elements are completely safe to handle especially once polished. The danger comes from inhaling their dust or microscopic fibres.