Agrimony 25g


These herbs are sold for magickal purposes and not for human consumption. All herbs purchased are cleansed and magically charged on my altar prior to dispatch.

Our ancestors ascribed this herb to Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is imperative that you refrain from using metal tools when gathering or preparing Agrimony for magical purposes. If collected on St. John's day (or solstice) it may be used as an amulet to attract a lover. As far back as the Middle Ages, it was also believed to be effective for curing snake bites and that, if placed under the head, it was thought to induce a deep and heavy sleep. In Germany, Agrimony was highly revered for its protective properties and is often mentioned as an ingredient of the sacred 'nine herb bundle', which was used as a panacea for practically all kinds of physical or metaphysical afflictions.

DISCLAIMER this products carries no guarantees of magical results. It is important that the necessary mundane work is done alongside the magical work. This is sold to be used magickally and not to be consumed.