Vervain 25g


These herbs are sold for magickal purposes and not for human consumption. All herbs purchased are cleansed and magically charged on my altar prior to dispatch.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and even to the Druids, this herb was revered like few others. It was said to cure everything and for many centuries it was used by every priest, magician and witch. Vervain was regarded as an herb of Isis or Venus, the Great Goddess, mother of the universe, Goddess of magic and the mysteries of life and death. It was used by the Romans as a cleansing herb to sweep and purify their altars. Vervain was said to protect against evil and even believed to ward off the devil himself. That did not stop witches and magicians from using it as a magic wand in just about any spell or ritual. The Druids seemed to associate Vervain with Sirius and according to Pliny the Elder, they ritually harvested the herb in August, when the dogstar is visible, but neither the sun nor the moon could be seen in the sky.

DISCLAIMER this products carries no guarantees of magical results. It is important that the necessary mundane work is done alongside the magical work. This is sold to be used magickally and not to be consumed.