Wormwood 25g


These herbs are sold for magickal purposes and not for human consumption. All herbs purchased are cleansed and magically charged on my altar prior to dispatch.

Wormwood (Artemisa absinthium L.) is indigenous to the temperate climate zones of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Today, it occurs throughout Europe and Asia in areas of temperate climate, moreover, in North and South America. Most often it can be found in fields and balks, on the edges of roads and the forests. Other common names of the plant include absinthium, absinthe wormwood, green ginger, grand wormwood.

Wormwood is a powerful protective plant. Our Neolithic ancestors used Wormwood and Mugwort as their primary sacred herbs for smudging and cleansing. Wormwood clears the psychic channels and can be used for astral travel and channelling. In folk-magical practice it was used to protect the grain or growing crops against mice, vermin and insects. It is said to protect against mischievous elves and evil spirits and was used in anti-daemonic spells, particularly at the beginning of the year or at winter solstice. Wormwood was also sprinkled around the house or hung above the windows and doors to ward off evil spirits and disease. Wormwood is used to remove anger, stop war, inhibit violent acts, and for protection from the evil eye. Carry in vehicles to protect from accidents on dangerous roads. Use as incense for clairvoyance, to summon spirits, or to enhance divinatory abilities.

DISCLAIMER this products carries no guarantees of magical results. It is important that the necessary mundane work is done alongside the magical work. This is sold to be used magickally and not to be consumed.