Lovage 25g

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These herbs are sold for magickal purposes and not for human consumption. All herbs purchased are cleansed and magically charged on my altar prior to dispatch.

Lovage was also believed to have the power to induce attraction but it could affect both men and women. Mothers would bathe their daughters in lovage, so that when they’d grow up they’d be attractive. A boy bathed in lovage would easily find a girlfriend when he grew up. Some picked the plant at midnight during a full moon, is the most potent.

Lovage is often used in love workings and also home protection spells. It is believed that Lovage Herb gives courage in love, it deepens and evokes the genuine feeling and removes any sexual blocks. It also attracts good and reliable friends. It even helps to get a well-paid job, wealth, and success.

DISCLAIMER this products carries no guarantees of magical results. It is important that the necessary mundane work is done alongside the magical work. This is sold to be used magickally and not to be consumed.