Obsidian crystal skull with crow

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This stunning obsidian skull, with the crow perching on his head, measures approximately 7cm. Obsidian is a strong protection crystal which forms a shield against negativity. It will block psychic attacks and also absorb negative energies from the enviroment. Obsidian will bring clarity to the mind and will clear confusion. It enables emotional blocks to dissolve and aids the ehaling of ancient traumas. Obsidian can also reduce arthritis pain, joint pain and cramps.

Crows serve as symbols of death and endings, but this may be the ending of difficult or traumatic times. Crows are very inteliigent and have been proven to have face recoginition of humans and will share with other crows whether tyou are a threat or a friend. Ravens and crows are also connected to wisdom and intelligence in Native American and Indian folklore.