James Ryman Play Dead Wallett - 11cm


This dark alternative wallett comes from the twisted imagination of the worl famous master of Gothic Fantasy James Ryman. In a misty, moonlit graveyard, framed by dead trees, this skeleton strikes a pose as he plays on a black flying V guitar. Skeletal hands reach up from the ground, some grabbing at the legs, others making the sign of the horns in appreciation. Long black hair flows out from beneath the black top hat, and the hat band held in place with a silver skull holds a long black feather and an Ace of Spades. The cigarette smoke curls upwards and forms a screaming skull, impying he is smoking someone's soul. The back of the wallett has the same scene, but with a face close up of the guitarist's face allowing every detail to be seen clearly. With enough space for all your cash and cards, this stylish wallet is a magnificient guitarist to keep their money safe.