Summer Solstice


21st June

At the Summer Solstice the Sun has reached its climax. It is the longest day of the year. At its most glorious peak the Sun God sacrifices his power and bestows his solar seed upon the Earth womb. On this glorious day we celebrate his fertilising power, even though from now on it will be waning. The Summer Solstice is the midpoint of the year. But just as Yang contains the seed of Yin, the peak of the Sun power marks his demise - yet, his selfless sacrifice gives life to all. Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the creative power of the sun. It is a time to reflect on both, the process of becoming and the process of death. The King is dead, long live the King.

Magical Collections
Fire ~ Action, will-power, creativity, insight, initiative, courage, drive, enthusiasm.