Moroccan Quartz


This gorgeous red color quartz comes from Hematite and when held to the light, the color just seems to deepen and darken, like a glowing fire within.Red Quartz is said to be a good talisman crystal for business, as it enhances financial security, supports perseverance, helps to overcome impatience and frustration. In healing, Red Quartz supports formation of red blood cells, circulatory problems, and anemia and may be used for energy enhancement.Red Quartz offers an energy that at first, may feel rugged, extreme and “in your face”. A raw form of Earth's essence, this coated Quartz embodies pure life, fortitude and protection. Life force energy is the essential ingredient in one finding their way in this ever confusing world.This crystal is highly protective and seals your aura from any unwanted energies. This makes it a wonderful companion to use during astral travel.