Serpentine and Pyrite Point


Known as a "Snake stone" (in Latin "serpent" means "snake"), serpentine was thought to cure snakebite and protect against the snake's venom. According to legends and lores, serpentine was commonly used to carve out chalices for kings. It was believed that drinking medicine from a serpentine chalice would increase the effectiveness of a medicine.Pyrite is believed to promote physical wellness, pyrite is said to support the circulatory and respiratory systems and protect against environmental pollutants.Pyrite is often utilized in spiritual practices as a shield, believed to block out negative energy and protect the user from physical danger.Serpentine's supposed strong connection with Mother Earth may strengthen your bonds with the environment around you - try meditating outside with this stone. Serpentine isn't believed to work with just one chakra; it aligns them all, creating coherence and calm throughout the body. It is, however, believed to have a particular connection with the crown chakra, enhancing wisdom and retrieving lost memories.