Palm Root Point


Palm root is a miracle of elemental alchemy, holding potent earth medicine within it. When the palm roots of ancient mystical Indonesian palm trees sunk into the our earth mother millions of years ago, the Silica carried in underground water combined with intense pressure, caused the pseudomorphic process of wood being replaced by microcrystalline Quartz, largely Chalcedony and Jasper. This palm root tower holds within it all elements; the earth it birthed from and returned to, the Light and heat of our fiery sun and the air it photosynthesised during its time as a tree, and the water element that caused it to adapt and transform its inner structure over centuries. Palm root is also extremely helpful in;

* Ancestral healing work - Palm Root helps us to identify and release old karmic patterns and current behaviours linked to our ancestral traumas, in both past and present lives.

* Palm Root helps to transmute negative energies, include negative emotions such as; Fear, jealousy, anxiety etc.

* Palm Root helps increase your personal prana (that’s your chi, your life force energy)

* It is helpful in grounding you to this plane, building strong roots to your foundation in order for your self discovery both in a metaphorical sense and a ‘astral travelling sense.’

*It is amazing for any work you need to do on your ‘earth star chakra’ (balancing, unblocking and activating)

* Can also be used balance your root/base chakra * For a ‘dark’ stone it does not hold a very heavy energy and is fairly uplifting * Great for connecting you to nature, and nature spirits.

* Can be used to strengthen your Solar Plexus. Palm Root promotes an attitude of continuous and effortless self evolution, which is something we all need a little of these days, with motivation to carry on along our spiritual path in hard times.