Jennet Device Purple 35cm

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one of the few original Pendle witches available. We have just one in stock and are unable to purchase more 

An investigator is sent to Malkin Tower. Human bones are unearthed, stolen from graves in Newchurch, and a clay image is also found.

Demdike’s daughter Elizabeth Devicetogether with her children James and Jennet were sent by Nowell for questioning to Ashlar House, Fence. James confesses to causing the lingering death of Anne Towneley by slowly crumbling a clay image of her after she accused him of stealing peat for his fire.

Nine year old Jennet names the people who were at the Good Friday gathering including Alice Nutter, a gentlewoman of Roughlee. Nowell sends the supposed witches to join those already at Lancaster Castle.

Demdike dies in prison before the trial.

August 17th 1612
The Trial opens at Lancaster Castle. The accused are not provided with a defence lawyer. Nowell produces Jennet as a witness and she gives evidence against her own family and other villagers. Her mother Elizabeth Device is dragged from the court screaming at her daughter and shouting curses at Roger Nowell. The Judge decides to test Jennet’s evidence by holding an identity parade in court at which Jennet goes up and takes Alice Nutter by the hand, identifying her as one of those present at the Good Friday gathering.

Alizon Device faints when confronted with the pedlar she is said to have lamed, but when she is revived confesses her guilt.

Chattox weeps as she hears the evidence against her and asks God for forgiveness. She pleads for mercy to be shown to her daughter Anne Redfearn.

The Judge finds them all guilty.