Katherine Hewitt Orange

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Each witch has a complimentary copy of the history of 'The Witches of Pendle Trial' 

Katherine Hewitt (a.k.a. Mould-Heeles) was charged and found guilty of the murder of Anne Foulds. She was the wife of a clothier from Colne, and had attended the meeting at Malkin Tower with Alice Grey.

It was said that they were witches; and that the names of the said witches, that were there, for so many of them as he did know, were amongst others Katherine Hewitt, wife of John Hewitt, alias Mould-heels, of Colne, in the county of Lancaster clothier; and that the said witch, called Katherine Hewitt, alias Mould-heels, and one Alice Gray, did confess amongst the said witches at their meeting at Malkin Tower aforesaid, that they had killed Folds wife's child, called Ann Folds, of Colne: and also said, that they had then in hanck a child of Michael Hartley's of Colne.

Katherine was found guilty of the charges and was executed by hanging in Lancaster on 20th August 1612 in front of huge crowds